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Ebenezer's Journal

Teach your children to explore their imagination and release the amazing potential within. Join Ebenezer and his friends as they transform Dr. Lime's School for Normal Monsters into something special.   

Join Ebenezer as he uses the power of imagination to transform Dr. Lime's School of Normal Monsters into something amazing. See AWARENESS on display as Ebenezer awakens the dreams of his fellow students to transform his school and his community.  

A fun read that can start young children on their own personal leadership growth journey. Buy a copy for yourself, and a copy to share with someone else.

Ebenezer's Coloring Book

Featuring the monsters from Ebenezer's Journal.

  • Create costumes
  • Complete a maze
  • Color extraordinary monsters

Fun for kids of all ages (even kids at heart!)

Bubba's Dentist Adventure

Were you ever scared of the dentist as a child, or do you have a little one who is terrified of the dentist? In Bubba's Dentist adventure, you will encounter sharks, roller coasters, and maybe a science lab?! What kind of dentist office is this?

In this whimsical adventure, Bubba let's his imagination run wild as he visits the dentist office for the first time. A fun, entertaining tale of overcoming your fear of the unknown and learning that going to the dentist can be a fun experience.  

Bubba's Dentist Adventure Coloring Book

Featuring Bubba and a surprise friend in this entertaining coloring and activity book.

  • Color Bubba
  • Complete a maze
  • Create your own goodie bag
  • Find a recipe for Alligator cookies

Fun for kids of all ages (even kids at heart!)

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