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Welcome to Ebenezer's Journal

Hi, I'm Ebenezer.  I'm a monster.  But I'm not just any ole' monster.  I'm an exceptional monster.  

When I started to school, I felt out of place.  All the other monsters who attended our school were ordinary.  Every day, life was dull, boring and not fun.  No one smiled, no one was happy.  It was not a fun place to go to school.

But one day, something AMAZING happened.  It changed my life, and the life of all my friends at school.  Not only did we change for the better, so did our teachers.

You'll have to read the book to find out what caused the change, but the good news is that what happened to me can happen to you as well.

So, click on the ABOUT page, and let me introduce you to some of my friends.  

Ready?  Let's go...
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